"Get Out the Vote" Consortium

Dear friends in choral and orchestral music,

My colleague in Germany persuaded me to enter the international Worldvision music composition competition. To my total surprise, I won the U.S. country-level round based on popular voting. Now there is just one composer remaining from each of the participating countries—and just one more round of popular voting ... plus final selection by jury. 

The winning composer will receive an orchestral premiere by Nova Orchester Wien at the Konzerthaus in Vienna. 

Okay, fine, I admit it: now I’m “in it to win it!” 

And thus I invite you to join this “Get Out the Vote” Consortium. Here’s how it works:

  • IF—you invite the members of your choir and/or orchestra to vote online (I'll provide the link and all relevant details via email), you’ll help me achieve a much-needed multiplier effect for votes. This will be my best shot at winning in a tough contest.  
  • THEN—you’ll be part of the “Get Out the Vote” Commissioning Consortium, which means that you’ll receive score and parts to a new work, be credited as co-commissioner, and have rights to the collective premiere(s). To be clear, this is like any old Commissioning Consortium, except that the currency is votes instead of dollars—good news for ye olde budget! (Note: I've checked, and this does not violate any contest rules.)
    • If you lead an orchestra, you’ll receive (I've got) questions about heaven, the approximately 12-minute work I’m writing for the competition. It’s a meditation on recently losing my beloved grandparents and the joyful memories that remain when the people themselves have departed. This piece would fill a similar programming niche to Higdon’s Blue Cathedral (though the content is entirely unrelated). 
      • Scoring: 2222 4231 timp, perc (3 players), optional harp, piano (celesta), strings. (Standard doublings.)
      • Score, parts, and midi will be delivered by May 2022.
      • Lead orchestral commissioner: Dr. Thomas Dickey, Director of Orchestral Studies, Oklahoma State University.
    • If you lead a choir, you’ll receive “Wings.” The text is a poem by Czech poet Miroslav Holub, and the piece is a sequel to my setting of Holub’s poem “The door”—as recorded by Brevitas and performed by Choral Arts Initiative and many other ensembles. Like “The door,” “Wings” will be written for SATB with limited divisi and will explore contrasting, though ultimately complementary, harmonies and sonic worlds.
      • Score will be delivered by September 2022.
      • Lead choral Commissioner: Dr. Julian Bryson, Director of Choral Activities, Jacksonville University.

Whether I win or lose, you'll get new music! To participate, simply let my marketing department (which is to say just me!) know at andrew [at] andrewmaxfield [dot] org ... or use the contact form below. And do let me know if you have questions.

Yours appreciatively,

Andrew Maxfield