Vote My Music to Vienna!

Hello Friends,

It's true: I'm the USA finalist in the Worldvision international composition competition. (Now there's a mouthful!)

The final round of the contest combines popular voting with a technical jury. The winner of the final round receives an orchestral premiere in Vienna ... which would be pretty fantastic.

So, I'm asking for your help and offering several rewards as a way to say thanks.

Here's how it works:

  1. CAST YOUR VOTE HERE. (You'll verify your email address to prevent robo-voting fraud.)
  2. Use the form below to tell me which one of the following thank-you gifts you would like. (Note: this doesn't violate any contest rules.)
  • A "buy-one-get-one" offer at Pioneer Book (if you live near Provo, Utah)
  • A $10 credit on my website, which you can use towards any purchase (sheet music, signed CD, etc.)
  • A 10% discount on my choral composition course (worth about $10)
Also, the names of everyone who helps will be printed on the cover page of the orchestral score as a way to acknowledge my gratitude for you. (So if you don't want a thank-you gift but you do want your name included, let me know via the form below.)


Finally, I'm happy to give you multiple of these perks if you're creative about getting multiple of your friends or family members to vote. I'll even send you a piece of the manuscript paper from my orchestral piece. Or maybe we can be creative about something even more fun, like a private zoom chat for you and your friends. 

Thanks for your help,
Andrew Maxfield