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Personal Artistic Mission Statement

My purpose is to employ the various facets of my voice and the best applications of my craft—in music, writing, civic engagement, teaching, and otherwise—to bless the world around me. My work follows several broad themes of personal concern including: local adaptation and sustainability; literacy (basic, emotional, cultural); and peacemaking. I think utility, not self-expression, is the final frontier for art, which Gerhard Richter rightly called “the highest form of hope,” and I hope to be useful through my best efforts.


"You were about more than just hyping your music."
—Karl O., Seattle

"The door" by Andrew Maxfield



I find Andrew Maxfield’s work to be engaging and relevant. His music reaches audiences yet maintains sophistication and compositional integrity. His use of texts is particularly inspiring and bring in the audience with words, concepts and sound.

Dr. Robert Baldwin, Director of Orchestral Activities, The University of Utah / Music Director, Salt Lake Symphony

Maxfield’s work displays rich harmonization and masterful text setting.

Helena Von Rueden, The Piedmont Singers

His music is well-crafted, approachable, American, and my singers have taken well to it. He has a great affinity for good texts and a love for the voice.

Dr. George Case, Music Director, The Boston Cecilia & Newburyport Choral Society