Are you interested in commissioning (i.e., funding the creation of) new music for your ensemble or event? I sometimes take commissions and will be happy to discuss your project with you. A commission is a co-mission—an adventure that we get to enjoy together! Please contact me if this sounds fun.


I try to adhere to the rates and principles outlined in Meet the Composer’s Commissioning Music: A Basic Guide. The rate varies depending on the size of the ensemble/instrumentation you have in mind, as well as the duration of the piece.


Although I write quickly, it’s helpful to contact me 6-18 months before the piece is to be submitted to the performers. This allows for the necessary steps of planning, researching, obtaining permissions to use copyrighted texts, writing, editing, copying, etc. If you’re up against a tighter deadline, you know the drill: let’s talk.

Residency / Attending the Premiere

Don’t forget that the creative process includes the performers … and, really, the audience too. Whenever possible, I love to work with the performing ensemble in a workshop or educational context that gives performers (and sometimes audience members) a window into the creative process and gives me the opportunity to coach, mentor, teach, or help. Let’s discuss the details.