Hi there!

Welcome to my website and creative work. Right now, I'm working on:

  • A concert-length work for double choir and jazz-influenced instrumental ensemble based on the Tao te Ching.
  • A choral work based on Hildegard Von Bingen's "O Virtus Sapientiae," using a process I call pre-compose/re-compose, in which I write vignettes for choral singers, record the vignettes, and then make an assemblage composition from the recorded vignettes.
  • Early sketches for my second symphony.
  • A new work for alto flute and piano. 
  • ... and an EP of songs with Ryan Innes (from The Voice) and a collection of essays, which I routinely read at bookstores. 

I'm also celebrating a spate of recent performances across the US, Finland, the Netherlands, and Australia; and a King's Singers New Music Prize (Juried Special Commendation), Ensemble Altera Composition Prize (Honorable Mention), and Raymond C. Warren Composition Prize.  

Below are a few things for you to listen to, I hope you enjoy them. Please sign up for my newsletter (at the bottom of the page) and stay in touch


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